GPS Vehicle Tracking for better, safer & more efficient fleet control
  1. Automatic electronic logbooks replace manual notes
  2. Immediate overview about current fleet location via GPS almost in real time
  3. Getting alerts when leaving GPS hotspots via sms or call

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Latest News about GPS Tracking, fleet management and IVMS

Particular benefits of gps tracking and telematics for special target groups and industries

New Online Help


Visit our updated help page with many FAQs

Tankmatix.com Fuel-Sensors


www.tankmatix.com is our new web page for fuel level monitoring. The new Tankmatix sensors

New smartphone app for gps in-vehicle installation


We have developed a new smartphone app for our customers and workshop partners. The gps in-vehicle installation application is used for checking gps data during installation and to monitor and test devices.

Innovative telematics, Internet-of-Things and industry solutions

Particular benefits of gps tracking and telematics for special target groups and industries

In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS)

Active GPS tracking for recording harsh braking events, exceeding road-based speed limits or alerts in case of driving without seatbelt. Driver performance reports with Red-Amber-Green score for safe and economic driving behavior

GPS tracking for construction machinery

Our robust Heavy-10 GPS Tracker is suited for protecting your construction machinery, excavator or flat bed trailer. Benefit from a perfect overview and better control of work-times on the construction site.

GPS Municipal Service with salt data logging

Accurate GPS tracking for documentation and planning purposes in the winter service or for municipal vehicles. One telematics device for GPS tracking, remote download of salt spreder data and vehicle information.

Electronic logbook for company cars

Let’s plug in the Logbook-10 GPS OBDII dongle and start driving within a minute – you don’t need to visit the workshop! Use our GPS Fleet Software Smartphone App (iPhone/Android) for setting a trip reason, driver name or private mode.

GPS tracking for tractors and agricultural machines

The simple and easy-to-install Heavy-10 GPS tracking device protects your valuable tractor. Get an alert via SMS or phone call, if your machine exits the home area or is moved after the working hours.

GPS Software Features & Benefits of GPS Tracking in real time

Advanced online portal with innovative features for tracking corporate fleets of each size

Current GPS location

Track the current GPS location of assets via PC or smartphone, real-time gps vehicle tracking with precise gps locations and global M2M simcards

Routes & Lanes

Map display of past trips and historic tracks via GPS, informative GPS tracing on the map with speed, idle or waiting times and additional engine information

Electronic Logbook

Electronic automated driver logbook, get an easy-to-use automatic precise logbook with private switch, driver identification and smartphone app for comments.


Detailed reports about your vehicles’ efficiency, improve control and get perfect trip reports via GPS about your fleet's driving, waiting and idle times

Set alarm ranges

Dispatch orders and geofence hotspots, proof working hours for customer or entering and leaving times on construction sites


Instant smartphone alerts in case of misuse or theft by GPS, get real-time sms or call alerts if your vehicles exit your company outside working hours or unknown drivers

GPS Fleet Software

The GPS Fleet software displays the current location, triggers alarms, and generates operational data reports on located vehicles, small appliances, construction equipment, trailers or valuable goods.

Real-time GPS vehicle tracking

The asset colour shows the asset status:

Monitor gps tracking history and past trips on a map

Analyze past trips, stops, idle times, driving speed or idle times of assets or machinery in the GPS Fleet Software.

Hours of operations and utilization

Effective hours of operations vs. idle times are shown in reports.

Get alerts when leaving the construction site

The GPS Fleet Software triggers alerts if a geofence area is left outside of office hours.

GPS Tracking of corporate fleets

Electronic logbooks | GPS tracking in real-time | Automatic alerts

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