GPS Telematic Devices

In-vehicle GPS tracking devices


Vehicle Tracking for
cars, vans, trucks

The Fleet-10 GPS vehicle tracking device is a versatile flexible high-quality gps telematic device. The GPS tracker can be installed under the dashboard in the driver's cabin. Very precise gps tracking thanks to an external GPS/Glonass/Galileo antenna. The Fleet-10 telematic unit covers many accessories, additional inputs and data interfaces. Manufactured in the European Unition, very secure and safe.

Asset tracking for machinery
heavy construction, tractors, excavators

The Heavy-10 GPS tracking unit is a robust and waterproof tracking device. It has internal GPS/Glonass antennas and is easy to mount. The internal batteries enable a longlasting control of construction machinery or mobile assets. It is made in the European Union, very reliable and durable in order to protect your valuable assets.

GPS Tracking
for small construction machinery

The Toolmatix IOT Trackers and BatteryTracker  GPS Tracking devices are made for simple tracking of small machinery, valuable goods or containers. They have internal long-lasting batteries and can work for a long time without recharging. They are rugged and robuste to prevent theft or misuse.

Electronic logbook for cars
with plug-able OBD2 gps dongle

The Logbook-10 gps tracker can be simply plugged into an OBDII diagnostic plug (available in almost all modern cars, vans, pickups). This convenient GPS OBD dongle tracker can be used together with our logbook smartphone app to get an automatic GPS based electronic logbook.
Logbook-10 OBDII GPS tracking dongle
GPS OBDII DiagnosesteckerThe Logbook-10 tracking device can be simpled used by plugging it intoe the OBD2 diagnostic plug without the need of a fixed installation:
  • GPS tracking for rental or leasing cars if a in-vehicle installation is not possible.
  • Getting an automatic electronic logbook or tripsheet
  • Smartphone logbook application to comment your logbook
  • Internal backup battery to get warnings if the OBD2 tracker has been removed
Fleet-10 GPS vehicle tracking and telematics unit for cars and trucks
Fleet-20 GPS telematic box with 3G&UMTS, GPS&Glonass, CANBUS, Tacho
Heavy-10 robust tracker for heavy machinery, tractors, commercial assets
Telematics accessories with additional benefits

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